Paleo Recipe Book Review

Paleo Recipe Book Review

There are numerous recipe books available for both amateur and expert cooks from which they can experiment with different cuisines and extend their taste palette. However, not every book will help its reader to attain both a healthy lifestyle and a vibrant variety of recipes.

Paleo Diet

Many people struggle to provide their families with delicious meals and having a higher nutritional content. However, Paleo Recipe Book is an easy solution for them as it caters to both these issues. Changes in the current lifestyle have led the world to a more health conscious approach and people in general have become more weight conscious. The author of this book Sebastien Noel has had to face struggles as far as his health was concerned and in the pursuit to recovery discovered various revelations regarding the mechanics of food making. These revelations in turn acted as a trigger for him to end up writing such books.

It is a common misconception regarding diet that it only involves starvation, whereas this particular recipe book is an attempt to eliminate such popular beliefs. This book acts as a ray of hope for its readers as it allows them to continue enjoying their favorite meals and ensures that the step towards a healthier lifestyle is definitely not a step towards deprivation from your favorite cuisines.

Does Paleo Recipe Book Work?

The title of this book is derived from the word “Paleolithic Diet”. This particular diet form is quite successful since it has shown positive results in the form of weight loss and an overall better shape of its followers. Another name for this form of dieting is the “caveman diet” as it is basically formatted on the lines of eating lifestyles of what our previous generations had. It is common knowledge that our ancestors enjoyed a healthier and even a longer life since their food was less processed and also their surrounding environment was much cleaner. In order to make our everyday meals more nutritious, healthy, less processed and that to in the most convenient manner, it is extremely important to own this particular recipe book.

This recipe book is quite a comprehensive one as in contains around 395 pages and more than 370 recipes. These recipes have been suggested keeping in the Paleolithic Diet and to make it more self-sufficient for those who want to follow it. The recipes are all highly nutritious and the steps given to make each one of them suggest that they are really easy to prepare. The regular recipe books have a typical format that includes recipes, their preparation method and a picture of what the final product would look like. However, Paleo Recipe Book in addition to all this has the entire Paleolithic diet plan laid out for its readers.

Paleolithic Diet

The book itself has been divided into eighteen comprehensive segments. It contains additional information in terms of the spice guide since this book advocates the use of natural herbs and spices and prohibits the addition of any form of processed foods in its ingredients. Not only does this book provide instructions as to how to use these herbs and spices to add flavors to your food but provides with additional medicinal and nutritional importance of them for the human body.

It also includes an eight week meal plan with the basic idea of cooking food like our ancestors did since our bodies are functioned to follow a natural diet consisting of food items which are high in protein and low in carbohydrates as opposed to what is available in the markets. Food items such as wheat and other dairy products are also discouraged in this particular book. It is also extremely beneficial for working people since it save a lot of time on planning meal on a weekly basis and is therefore much more convenient. The book also contains various charts and conversion tables as reference sheets which aid to the overall cooking experience of the readers. It also provides tips for how to choose the right food ingredient and how to go about cooking the steak. Apart from this, what sets this book apart is that it caters to almost every age bracket and defies all geographic boundaries.

However, this book has some technical errors in terms of the recommended time mentioned in some of its recipes. This is because some of the recipes actually take much longer to cook then what is stated in the book. This might become a hassle for readers as their cooking experience might not go as smoothly as stated by the book.

The price of the book is twenty seven dollars which in my opinion is a good bargain since it contains 370 recipes along with bonus features such as nutritional facts, conversion charts, tables and illustrative photos so that one knows what to expect as the end result. These benefits are worthy of the price tag that comes along with this price.

If my opinion if you are looking for a cook book that would offer you with specialized Paleo diet meals than this is the book in which you would want to invest. This is because it takes you to a comprehensive journey towards the Paleo route since it is quite user friendly as it is quite easy and simple to follow with mouth watering yet nutritious results at the end.

Paleo Diet Recipes

The particular ingredients that have become a part of this book have high nutritional values which act as energy boosters for the human body. They aid in improving the overall alertness of the mind and fasten up an individual’s reflexes. What acts as a real incentive towards buying this book are the testimonials of those who have used it, followed the diet and reaped benefits in terms weight loss and maintaining it as well. This book is not solely dedicated for weight watchers since the recipes are delicious and can be enjoyed by the entire family.

In a nutshell, the purchase of this book is definitely a step towards leading an active and a healthier lifestyle.